The other night, my oldest daughter Anna (who just turned five years old–I can hardly believe it) was watching American Idol with her Grandma when she saw a special musical guest on the show, Lady Gaga.

Who is that, Memaw?” she asked.

“That’s Lady Gaga,” replied my mother-in-law.

Anna sat for a few contemplative moments, and then asked the question I think we’ve all been wondering. “Why is Lady Gaga trying to look like Papa?”

“What?” Memaw asked, a little bit confused.

“I said, why is Lady Gaga trying to look like Papa?” Anna replied, a little exasperated.

Fair question, Anna.

I think a side-by-side comparison is in order here.

 Wow. Where do we even begin?

1. Lady Gaga is trying to lighten her hair color to match Papa’s
2. Lady Gaga has a nose. As does Papa.
3. Lady Gaga cakes on eye make-up in an obvious attempt to mimic Papa’s glasses.
4. Plaid shirt? Leopard print? Pretty much the EXACT SAME THING.  And Papa has been wearing plaid since before Gaga was even born.

5. Two words: Poker Face. 

So yeah. I think it’s pretty clear who Lady Gaga looks to as her fashion muse.