You know your blog is becoming the center of your universe when you start contemplating life-time commitments for a photo op.

I seriously thought about getting a dog the other day so that I could post pictures of it on my blog. Not to care for it. Not to love it. Not to let it piss on my carpet. Not so my children could play with it. But so I’d have fun animal posts because birds are boring.

I don’t even like taking pictures of dogs.

Meet Bruno! I just brought him home! To my blog. From the great pound called “The Internet.”

Currently my pets consist of birds. Have you ever seen my birds?

Here’s one of them:

This is Felix. He’s the only other guy in my house. We often feel very alone in a world of frilly pink dresses, make-up and Polly Pockets. And as far as blog-pets go, he’s pretty boring. He doesn’t even talk.
The point here is this: if you see me at a pet store having purchased a Great Dane, and you ask me “hey, why are you buying a Great Dane?” and I answer with “Because I have this really great idea for a blog post! I’m gonna ride him!” and I look all weird and crazy-eyed, that is the time you gently take me by the arm, walk me down to the metro station and love-tap me onto the tracks in front of an oncoming train.
But be nice to the Great Dane. It wasn’t his fault that he was bought to be my horse/blog-decoration.
Photo attribution here.