Except with more pink. And less Bella Swan Cullen Whatever I Haven’t Read The Books Because I Am Male. (Confession: I read the first book. But then I remembered I have boy privates and got really bored during the second book and stopped.)

Point is:

I think my daughters are vampires. Or at least part vampire.

Exhibit A:

Viva insists on wearing sunglasses as she eats her cereal in the morning  because “it’s a sunny day.” (Lucerne milk, you can thank me later for the free add. I’ll take my payment in cottage cheese. Or baby calves.)

Is it just me, or is her skin shimmering like diamonds in the sunlight?
Exhibit B:
Today when Wife was out for a walk with Tessa, if the sun even barely touched her eyes, she screamed as if somebody had taken a knife to her face.
Daddy, when I grow teeth, rest assured, they’ll be fangs.
Exhibit C:
This conversation took place the other day.

Anna: Mommy, what’s that blue stuff up there?

Wife: Where? What blue stuff?

Anna: Up there!  (points upward)

Wife: Oh, Anna sweetie, that’s the sky. The sky is blue.

Anna: Oh. (Thinks for a moment) I don’t like it…

“Mommy, the blue stuff is out there again. I hate the blue stuff.”

I rest my case.

(Or perhaps, perhaps, this all has to do with the fact that we live in Seattle where there is more cloud cover than almost anywhere in the US. Except for maybe this really random town up here in Washington State called Forks which you probably haven’t heard of. Yeah, come to think of it, I’m almost positive it’s being in Seattle. Except that I’m pretty sure I saw one of the girls sucking the blood of a rodent the other day. Or it might have been a Twinkie. No way to really tell for sure because then she ate whatever it was before I even remembered I was the one in charge could get to her.)

In totally unrelated news, this post where I was contemplating redesigning my blog accidentally kind of became a contest where people started submitting logos for my consideration which I seriously totally appreciate, but now I’m going to have a really hard time choosing one (NOIWONTCUZMINEARETHEBEST) and it’s gonna be really hard to have to disappoint people when I share my thoughts about their efforts (NOTREALLY) but, yeah, if you wanted to make me a The Weed logo or whatever and have it featured in a post, you can still totally submit one to joshua (dot) weed (at) gmail (dot) com. But don’t be too devastated when yours doesn’t win because the competition (ME) is pretty fierce.