Here’s the thing.

I’d really love to change the look of my blog. You know, make it look clean and cool and aesthetically scrumptious. The kind of blog you look at and your heart rate drops a little and you sigh and you feel transported to a riverbed of cool colors and sparse words and chunky visual beauty that soothes your soul–kind of like a throat lozenge, except for your eyes.

The truth is, although I’ve never taken any art classes or anything, I kind of suspect that I have a natural gift for drawing, and for most of the visual arts. I just see things.

You should see the drawings I do for my clients to aid their understanding of deep psychological concepts. They are seriously so good.

Anyway, to start out the blog renovation, I’m contemplating a redesign of my logo. The one I have now I kind of accidentally made when I was making something else in paint, and then I just slapped it up! It’s seriously not a big deal, but I bet you don’t know of a lot of people that can claim they’ve done that.

I’ve worked up several options that I’m going to kind of try out here. I don’t wanna be cocky, but I think you better get ready to experience an eyegasm. That’s how visually stunning this stuff is. (Was that a really dirty thing to say? If so I’m sorry, but I just couldn’t find another way to describe what your eyes might do when you scroll down.)

Option one is a very beautiful chartreuse with a script that is white and ethereal. Much like clouds.

I do really like that one a lot, but I’m not sure how to get it the right shape. But I can always just leave it in there like that–I think the unusual blocky formation adds an individual feel. Like this blog isn’t like all the other blogs out there. This place is different.

Another option I was thinking was this:

I actually really love this one, because this font, comic sans, is so dreamy (It’s so bold and serious looking, with just a hint of “I’ve got pizazz!”) I couldn’t fit the rest of the phrase “where dreams come true” on there, and at first it just said “where dreams come” but I thought that was inappropriate, so I changed it. I’m guessing people will totally know what I mean, though.

A third option is this one:

I think this one is really quite unique. First, there’s the pirate-looking font which boasts an air of antiquity and nobility. That’s definitely a feel I could get behind. But then, when you look a little deeper, there’s this strange conundrum represented, Weed being my name which is good, but also a drug which is very, very bad. I think the polarity of these two extremes represented in such contrast and counterpoint in one heading is really quite thought provoking. Don’t you?

What really, really got me excited though was when I touched it up with some color.

Yeah, pinch yourself. That just happened.

So, on top of the depth I already outlined, now the background is green which is, I’m not exaggerating, so multifaceted in meaning. I mean, think about it,  Weed the drug is green, then weeds the plant are green, and then my favorite color? Yeah. Green. And my good eye that doesn’t have have of the iris cut out of it? I’m gonna stop before I actually blow your mind and you get brain-splatter all over your computer.

Anyway, these are just some sketches. You know, some quick and dirty work-ups. I haven’t decided on anything. I’d love to hear your opinions though! Oh, and if anybody out there wants to try to make one for me that says “The Weed” and looks cool or whatever, I’d totally take it into consideration. But, like, seriously, think about it before you submit something–you and I both don’t want you to embarrass yourself.