Wife has been waiting weeks for this day. She said she wanted to be the 100th follower on my blog, so the last couple of days I’ve been carefully watching and waiting for that magical moment when there were 99 followers, and I could call her and say “Wife, get on the computer right now or you’ll miss it” in an overly annoyed demand.

And today was that day! Hooray!!!

I’ve been thinking long and hard about what I wanted to do to celebrate this milestone. Tradition is that a blogger does some kind of giveaway. But I wanted mine to be special. I wanted mine to be unique.

And there is only one way.

You know what it is… I know you do.

Yes. Yes this is actually happening.
For my 100 Follwer giveaway, I’m giving away The Little Thumper. I would never in a trillion years have ever guessed that I would one day write a blog that got 100 followers and that to celebrate that achievement I would put a vibrator in the mail and send it to somebody. Yet, here I am, in a picture, holding a vibrator, and here I am in text saying the words “if you comment on this post, you very well might win this blue vibrator called the Little Thumper.”
I’m gonna miss you, Little Thumper. You were a good friend. And I mean that in the I’ve-never-opened-you sense.
To sweeten the deal, I’ll also throw in this:*
A $25.00 Cheescake Factory Gift Card
(If you win and don’t live near a Cheescake factory, equivalent arrangements will be made.)
Will I do a point system?
You betcha!
To enter the contest, you must leave a comment on this post. Each additional point counts as another entry.
1 point for commenting on this post
1 point for being a follower of The Weed (2 if you were one of the original 101 here before I posted this.)
2 points for tweeting or facebooking about this giveaway
2 points for announcing it on your blog
1 point for mentioning the The Little Thumper in your tweet, blog post, or facebook–because that’s just hilarious.
1 point for being awesome, which you–yes, you, with the nose–are. Seriously, thanks for visiting and reading The Weed.
Go ahead and tell me how many points you’ve earned in your comment. If you posted on your blog, go ahead and throw up a link in your comment. The contest ends in one week from today (so, Thursday the 20th of January 2011 at midnight PST), at which point I’ll choose wife as the winner so I get the gift card use a number genererator to randomize the winner and then announce him or her on Friday.
(*Disclaimer: entering this contest does not necessarily mean you want The Little Thumper. If you win the contest and do not want The Little Thumper, you are not required to take The Little Thumper in order to receive the gift card. Or you may decide to receive The Little Thumper and sell The Little Thumper on eBay. If you end up rejecting The Little Thumper, it will go to the next random number chosen until a home for The Little Thumper is found. I wonder how many more times I can say The Little Thumper? The Little Thumper The Littel Thumper yeah this is boring and I keep making typos so the answer was two and I’m done. Bye now.)