100 Follower Giveaway!!! TWO AMAZING PRIZES!

Wife has been waiting weeks for this day. She said she wanted to be the 100th follower on my blog, so the last couple of days I’ve been carefully watching and waiting for that magical moment when there were 99 followers, and I could call her and say “Wife, get on the computer right now or you’ll miss it” in an overly annoyed demand.

And today was that day! Hooray!!!

I’ve been thinking long and hard about what I wanted to do to celebrate this milestone. Tradition is that a blogger does some kind of giveaway. But I wanted mine to be special. I wanted mine to be unique.

And there is only one way.

You know what it is… I know you do.

Yes. Yes this is actually happening.
For my 100 Follwer giveaway, I’m giving away The Little Thumper. I would never in a trillion years have ever guessed that I would one day write a blog that got 100 followers and that to celebrate that achievement I would put a vibrator in the mail and send it to somebody. Yet, here I am, in a picture, holding a vibrator, and here I am in text saying the words “if you comment on this post, you very well might win this blue vibrator called the Little Thumper.”
I’m gonna miss you, Little Thumper. You were a good friend. And I mean that in the I’ve-never-opened-you sense.
To sweeten the deal, I’ll also throw in this:*
A $25.00 Cheescake Factory Gift Card
(If you win and don’t live near a Cheescake factory, equivalent arrangements will be made.)
Will I do a point system?
You betcha!
To enter the contest, you must leave a comment on this post. Each additional point counts as another entry.
1 point for commenting on this post
1 point for being a follower of The Weed (2 if you were one of the original 101 here before I posted this.)
2 points for tweeting or facebooking about this giveaway
2 points for announcing it on your blog
1 point for mentioning the The Little Thumper in your tweet, blog post, or facebook–because that’s just hilarious.
1 point for being awesome, which you–yes, you, with the nose–are. Seriously, thanks for visiting and reading The Weed.
Go ahead and tell me how many points you’ve earned in your comment. If you posted on your blog, go ahead and throw up a link in your comment. The contest ends in one week from today (so, Thursday the 20th of January 2011 at midnight PST), at which point I’ll choose wife as the winner so I get the gift card use a number genererator to randomize the winner and then announce him or her on Friday.
(*Disclaimer: entering this contest does not necessarily mean you want The Little Thumper. If you win the contest and do not want The Little Thumper, you are not required to take The Little Thumper in order to receive the gift card. Or you may decide to receive The Little Thumper and sell The Little Thumper on eBay. If you end up rejecting The Little Thumper, it will go to the next random number chosen until a home for The Little Thumper is found. I wonder how many more times I can say The Little Thumper? The Little Thumper The Littel Thumper yeah this is boring and I keep making typos so the answer was two and I’m done. Bye now.)


  1. Oh i love giveaways, and I dont have a thumper in my bottom drawer so I shall stick my name in the hat.
    You can give me 3 points I reckon, I will mention it if I remember tommorow. Of course you are welcome to pimp it out in my comments any time

  2. Sweet! I should be asleep but I had to jump on this before I go out of town or it won't happen. So give me nine points (yes, I mentioned Little Thumper on both my blog and fb). You pretty much rock.

  3. Confession: I'm totally drooling over the picture of the cheesecake and mildly embarrassed about the Little Thumper. Intrigued, yet crimson. Put me down for 4 points with a side of cheesecake, please!

  4. I'm not ashamed to admit that I wouldn't mind having Little Thumper around for those lonely nights when one of us is out of town… =p

    Let's see….. I get 1 point for commenting here….2 for being a follower before you hit 100…and it says 1 point for being awesome…but I'm so badass that really, I should get 5 points for that. Also, I drew that awesome picture of awkward eye man….so let's see….That probably deserves like…..84 points. Which puts me up to….

    92 points. Clearly, I am the winner. =p

  5. If I am not mistaken, I will receive "1 point for commenting on this post, 2 points for tweeting or facebooking about this giveaway, 1 point for mentioning the The Little Thumper in your tweet, blog post, or facebook–because that's just hilarious, 1 point for being awesome, which you–yes, you, with the nose–are. Seriously, thanks for visiting and reading The Weed." That makes my total 5. Don't believe me? Check my facebook post. 🙂

  6. I refuse to enter on principle! ( I also don't follow any blogs, even if I follow them. You follow? )
    Anyway, good luck to all those who might randomly be generated.

  7. Are you trying to sabatage your own giveaway? If I do this to I have to take the thing that should not be named? The cheesecake factory is my favorite restaurant though….(internal conflict).

  8. Thanks to those who have entered!

    @Kristina and @Jenni–even your mere comments about your ambivalence have, by the rules, entered you into this contest. Congratulations! However, just to clarify, you may reject one or both of the items if you do win and I'll choose a secondary winner. (If you want to up your chances feel free to do the other stuff as well even though you already commented–just let me know if you do 😉 )

  9. I'm entering, but I only have 3 points. I just can't bring myself to publicly proclaim that I'm trying to win a little thumper. But I will graciously accept both prizes if chosen.

  10. Umm….I guess I have 5 pts,
    1 pt for commenting on this post,
    2 pt for tweeting about this giveaway, (@spacekiwi)
    1 pt for mentioning the The Little Thumper in my tweet 1 point for being awesome,
    but I bet I can come up with some good reasons to get more…..ummm….ahhh….. eerrr….well maybe, not, but here's hoping for a little thumping cheescake 🙂

    @Mynx: I think thumpers are supposed to go in the top drawer? 🙂

  11. Aaaaand this is like my 4th attempt to follow, but I think it took this time. Yes, a little extra motivation and a new (working) computer can do wonders! And I get 2 points. But I have luck on my side, wait and see.

  12. Okay, I seriously thought that I was a Follower long before this. I couldn't tell if I was or not, but i clicked it again just in case. I'll let you decide if I get 1 or 2 points for that. But, I am doing everything else so I'm hoping for the maximum points. Forget the Giftcard, I'm going for the Little Thumper!! Okay, lets be honest… the giftcard would be good too. =)

  13. Just when you think the blog couldn't get any funnier… LOL Can't believe you're parting with the Little Thumper- you mean you weren't up for round 2 of Q&A with mommy about her new toy? 😀

    Ok so I think on your points basis I had 6 but let's be honest- you know the train-wreck saga of my love life which must mean I deserve a zillion sympathy points and since I'm an international follower, well that's probably worth a bonus 2. Right?

    You rock. LOVE that you write this stuff, keep it coming!

    (…upon reflection, that last blog-focused encouragement may have been an unfortunate choice of words. 😉 )

  14. i have a general rule not to enter contests because i'm sure my email will get hacked, my screen will freeze, and i will get internet aids. not to mention i don't want your thumping.

    but if i were to enter, i would have 4 points and happily live on only cheesecake for the next two days. (i know $25 should afford more than just two days of cheesecake. i like sweets. don't judge.)

  15. By my count, I have a record-breaking 12 points:
    – 1 for commenting
    – 1 for being a follower, plus 1 for being a follower before because even though I didn't make it official until today you totally knew I was following you
    – 2 for shamelessly plugging you on Facebook
    – 2 for doing the same on The Foblog.
    – 1 for mentioning the Little Thumper on Facebook, plus another 1 for mentioning him on the Foblog
    – 2 for being awesome, because that's how awesome I am
    – plus a bonus point for saving you on postage, as I will come to your house to pick up my prize on February 4th.

    I look forward to my winning, which will ensure our continued friendship. Just saying.

  16. 2pts.Posted on facebook link about giveaway.

    2pts. Original Follower.

    1pt. Commenting on this post.

    2pts. For blogging about you and this post.

    1 OR 2 pts? I mentioned baby Thumper on my blog and my facebook.

    1pt. For being awesome.

    Is there any sibling point-age? I have put up with you all of my life. There should be some points in that? no?

    9/10/or 1million depending on how your counting and how many points I get for being your sibling. heh heh.

  17. 1 pt- commenting
    1 pt- following
    1 pt- being awesome

    although I would just take the gift card (and I am one of those people that doesn't live near a cheesecake factory) although I would just use it when visiting Portland

  18. 4pt for me! (commenting, following, and I'm awesome!)

    I'm a 3.5 hour drive from cheesecake factory and actually just went for the first time on Monday (best.food.ever!)

  19. For now I am just going to take the point for posting and the point for being awesome. But on a side note, whomever it is that gifted you The Thumper should be rewarded with a few extra bonus points. Essentially he/she is enabling this very giveaway and without such a hot topic to talk about would you really have reached 100 followers?

  20. I have to be the farthest follower… Australia?

    I have been following your blog since someone posted about you on FB. I have gone back and read just about all your old blog posts. Thanks for making me feel sane… (let's face it, no one in their right mind would wright about The Little Thumper TWICE… lol

  21. What if I don't even want the Cheesecake Factory gift card? I'm really just posting because I want the thumper…

    1 for commenting
    2 for being an original follower
    1 for sharing this post on FB
    1 for being awesome – seriously, 1 point? Come on I want more!!!

  22. ok Josh
    Here is a comment (1pt), I am awesome (should be like 10 points but 1pt), posted a blog (2pts), mentioned little thumperon fb and blog (2 pts), and posted on FB (2pts). And if I get bonus points, I DID link your blog like 5 times on my blog. So yeah, there you go.
    PS I am not afraid of the little thumper…

  23. No Cheesecake factory in Oz and I'll pass on LT but I'd like to congratulate you on reaching 100 followers! How about you drop by my blog and check out my awesome Pub Party to celebrate 300 followers. Love to have you and the drinks are free!

  24. I get two points for being an original follower, one for commenting on this post, and one for having you as a guest poster on my blog back in the day!! Wait…don't tell me that doesn't count…haha

  25. You guys, do you realize how math challenged I am??? Do you realize how baffled I'm going to be when it's time to tally with all your fascinating formulas?

    However, on the bright side, you guys have definitely made me laugh. Thanks to all who've entered!

  26. I'm math challenged and tired but I think I get some points for being awesome. And cooking you food at points in the past. And other stuff like that.

  27. Love your prizes! I don't know which one I'd use first.

    When I first saw the packaging my computer monitor stressed eyes saw Little Humper which would also make sense but not conjure thoughts of Bambi's bff.

    Now I must do math? Let's see…+1 old follower, +2 for tweeting, +1 for mentioning Little Thumper in said tweet, +1 for being awesome.

  28. Ok just adding some pimping to my blog and naming it and I think before I only counted 3 when it should have been 4 so add nother 3 mkes 7 )do I get another for a 2nd comment?)

    @ Mana, are we talking about our bedside cupboard?

  29. Okay, I only read the 2nd comment that said something about jumping on this before I couldn't take it any more.

    I have no Cheesecake Factory anywhere in my vicinity and have no need for The Little Thumper.

    However, I'm a little worried that you might actually give that to your wife as an excuse to blog more while she's, um, busy.

  30. 2 points for me! 1 for commenting and at least 1 for being awesome. I think I deserve another point for drawing a killer eyeball for you too…

    My desire for more points is conflicting with my need to be lazy…so I may blog about this…or not 😛

  31. I think your prize is too gender specific. Of course, I don't really mind, since I am the gender that benefits. But isn't that the problem with the world today? No one speaks out if it doesn't affect them personally. So, I am speaking for the men who want you to give away some sort of mutually beneficial sex toy. Just sayin'.

  32. And I should get many points for distracting you and, in effect, making your meds for ADHD completely ineffective. Yes, that is my evil super power, my kryptonite against Ritalin, if you will! Bwahahahahahahahahahaha! Gimme some points!

  33. One of my goals in life is to have experiences which make for a good story later!! I think winning the Thumper would make for a fun quirky story! So – 1 pt. for following, 1 pt. for awesomeness. Darn –I don't have a blog so can't get those.

  34. How could I not enter a contest for a cheesecake factory gift card *mumbles* and the little thumper? I get 7 points.

    1 point for commenting on this post
    2 points original follower
    2 points for announcing it on your blog
    1 point for mentioning the The Little Thumper in your tweet, blog post, or facebook–because that's just hilarious.
    1 point for being awesome, which you–yes, you, with the nose–are.

  35. And if I used the Bambi quote, "They call me *little* Thumper 'cuz I like thumpin," could I get extra points for being creative within a childrens' movie theme. It's just wrong, but original.

  36. Alright my man, if I counted correctly (and there is a 95% chance I didn't, despite my middle school math certification), count me in for 8 points. I commented(1), I've been a follower (2), I tweeted (2), I'm announcing it on my blog, though the post will not be published until later tomorrow (2), and I'm (according to you) awesome (1). Though if you want to remove that last point, I will understand 😉

    Congrats on your accomplishment!!

  37. I think I get 4 real points but like 1 jillion more for being friends with practically everyone who has commented which makes me awesome. I'm Crystal's BFF, Katie Tyler and I go way back plus I'm pretty much responsible for her hooking it up with JT and The Wife and I have a kinship of trying to not be crazy and loose it every five seconds while pregnant and afterwards. This blog is great. Keep it up! Get some ads and makes some $$$$!

  38. Don't worry about entering me in the contest, but good job. You've done a good job. I didn't even notice when I rolled past 100. My bad! I must say, you are very imaginative with the prizes!

    Draven Ames

  39. heather told me all about this giveaway tonight and i thought i would totally mention this on my blog. but after reading all the rules and you mentioning that you're entering it into a random drawing, i don't need to mention it on the blog right? cuz it's random. no? am i being obnoxious?

  40. alright. i did it. all of it. so 8 points for me. and more because if i win you can just bring it to whichever event or gathering i will see you at next.

  41. 1 point for commenting
    1 point for being a follower
    2 points for facebooking about the giveaway
    1 point for mentioning the The Little Thumper in my facebook post
    1 point for being awesome

    That is six/6/seis/sechs/ (oh I could go on)

  42. Ha, this post just cracked me up! I suppose I should look and see if anyone took the "coughlittlethumpercough*… giftcard. 🙂

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