You know what’s awkward?

I just realized an online equivalent to the experience we’ve all had at one point or another when someone is waving in your direction at somebody behind you but you don’t know there’s someone behind you and you think they’re waving at you, and you look at them for a minute thinking “who are you?” in a very awe-filled, childlike internal voice and then idiotically decide to wave back and smile excitedly like you’ve just made a new friend.

(The aftermath of this is always humiliating. You wanna play it off like it was no big deal, yet there’s a part of you that feels just a teeny tiny bit hurt that you didn’t actually find a random new best friend and that they chose someone else, so, to try and show how not-a-big-deal it was you say something about it really loudly like “Ha, I totally thought you were waving at…” but then your voice trails off when you realize they aren’t even acknowledging you because you are so awkward, and now you look schizophrenic.)

It is this:

This conversation only looks vaguely like an actual Facebook conversation because I totally made it up and have no art skills whatsoever. Please don’t mock me. Also, I’m available to create your wedding invitations and/or graduation announcements if desired. Call me! *does phone sign with hand* <—-(also awkward)


  1. @janet–Thanks so much for stopping by and spamming my blog! I'm so flattered that you will "keep my new article" (whatever the crap that means?) and that you think it "very good." Visit anytime, I can tell you're a true fan.

    @Shane–After Janet's visit, I would have felt all isolated and tech-molested without your actual real comment, so thanks.

  2. Haha, I love you thanked a spammer for spamming on your blog… SO good.

    I was a little confused at first because I was like… what a strange looking facebook convo.. Glad I'm not just weird.

    It's so true. Stuff like that has happened on my facebook page before. They weren't waving at you random person… they were waving at me.. I almost want to say that next time someone does that on my facebook. I think I will

  3. I'm so jealous of your blog spammer! I have not earned a blog spammer yet….although I did get an e-mail from somebody trying to get me to promote some product or other….

    Wait, I think I just did the internet wave thing….

  4. Can I just say I love you and your blog? I get excited when I see you posted a new one. You are hillarious and I love that you are able to convey that through your writing for everyone to enjoy. Especially those who do not get to be graced with your prescence very often like me:D

    You rock


  5. hmmm…dolce and gabbana watches? Score!

    And this was hilarious…I just might have you make my next invitation because I completely thought it was a real Facebook conversation…ha ha ha.

  6. Right when I read this I immediatley thought of multiple occasions in which I waved back at people who were not waving at me. It was the lamest I have ever felt in my life.
    PS I added you to my blogroll. Congrats

  7. @Everyone–seriously, you guys make me laugh. (I realize this was posted days ago and probably nobody will read this, but this sequence of comments made me chuckle.)

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