You may not know this about me, but I spend a LOT of time online.

Because this blog is in its infancy, I’m constantly searching for ways to meet other writers and build community. This is another way of saying that I spend way, way too much time playing Facebook games reading lots and lots of blogs.

Today I stumbled upon something that grabbed my attention. In her blog Rach Writes Rachael Harrie has begun a Writer’s Platform-Building Crusade. This is a group of not-yet-published (I’m assuming–haven’t checked everyone else out yet) wannabe authors who are trying to hone their craft, get word out, and each make the internet his or her own personal bi-atch.

(Is bi-atch a swear? If so, does anyone have a non-swear equivalent for this highly puritanical, Pharisaic, but otherwise generally awesome blogger? Skeleton in the closet: I used to be a cuss-box. Then I took Mrs. Lofgren’s English class in 10th grade and instead decided to try to communicate the same ideas with advanced vocabulary.  It works.  Sometimes.  Except when it seems clear that you need to say bi-atch.

How about “…and each make the internet his or her own personal kartoffelpuffer.” How’s that?)

Anyway, so, I’ma hop aboard this train, y’all. And I think you should too. If you have a blog. And love to write. And care about reaching readers. And have a lot of time on your hands. And you are insane, like all writers seem to have to be. If this is you, then go here and join me under the grand umbrella of the Writer’s Platform-Building Crusade!

Young boy sitting in red toy carrier, close-up, low section

This is a picture of me having jumped into this awesome bandwagon into which I also hope you jump, and which wagon looks strangely like a children’s red wagon, but it’s not, because as I said, it is a bandwagon. Stop judging me for not being able to afford real stock photos!

All joking aside, I think this is a brilliant idea, and I thank Ms. Rachael for paying it forward.

Also, I’m not only joining, but I’m participating in the second crusader challenge, which is my very first blogging contest thingie, and which involves following certain requirements in order to win (like including specific words seamlessly into this post–can you guess which ones??), and which I probably won’t win because the due-date is today. But at least I’m trying!

Wanna see my one and only other post about writing even though this is ostensibly a blog about writing?

Have a good weekend.