Something awesome happened last week.

My third daughter was born.

Her name is Tessa

The labor was very painful (the epidural didn’t take, and the nurse was the opposite of competent and empathetic), but it was successful.

In the hospital, Wife and I decided to take pictures of each other holding the baby.

I took these:


She took these:


Somebody make this stop please

At this point, the following conversation occurred:

Me: I look ridiculous.

Wife:  You don’t look ridiculous.  This is how you actually look.

Me: Please, tell me that isn’t true.

Wife: Okay, you look a little weird in these.  But they’re still cute.

Me: Let’s try one with me sitting down.

Wife:  I already told you to do that.

Me:  No you didn’t!  You didn’t say anything of the kind.

Wife: Yes I did!

Me: No, you really didn’t.

Wife: I did in my head.


Me:  ….you are correct, then.

Fact of life: when someone has pushed a human being out of their crotch in the last 24 hours, they are right no matter what they say.

Edit suggested by wife: when someone has pushed a human being out of their crotch EVER, they are right no matter what they say.


Less awkward!

 In closing:

The girls meet their sister for the first time.
A family of five!


  1. This post is awesome Josue -I'm still laughing! I love the pictures -all of them. You have an incredibly beautiful family bro. I miss you guys and I'm so glad everything went well. Love you. Chris

  2. also by ¨went well¨ what I really meant/should have said was ¨turned out well¨ as in -everybody being healthy. That ineffective epidural and incompetent nurse business is lame. Poor Lol.

  3. Wendel and I agree on a few things:

    1. You might look a little awkward in a couple of the pictures, but it's really funny.

    2. You look really great and happy in others.

    3. You are really funny. You've got it going on.

    4. We love the family of five picture and the picture of you and the girls.

    5. I agree with Lolly's comment. Pushing a child out of one's crotch merits some say in things. Wendel feels that some rational statue of limitations makes sense.

  4. Christopher and Catherine–Thanks guys!

    Ashley–1. Thanks? 2. Thanks! 3. Thanks!! 4. The family thanks you. 5. Was there any punching involved after the mention of a statute of limitations? In closing: I'm really glad you and Wendel are reading/listening to my blog.

  5. Congrats x 3!!! We miss you guys a ton! And, well, Lolly looks seriously amazing for having just "pushed a human being out of [her] crotch." Hope that wasn't too awkward to type, but I didn't start it. hehe We're glad that such great people with such great genes and great personalities keep procreating! 🙂

  6. Way good looking family. Congrats on everything!

    Your post reminds me of our own epidural debacle. They put it in (and we paid thousands of dollars for it) and then they wouldn't use it to actually, you know, administer medication because the blood pressure was too low.

    Anyway, I also wanted to mention that Lol's pictures may look better not because of your photog skills but because she's a super-model of the I-just-gave-birth crowd! I'm just sayin'.

  7. Dan–not awkward at all! We miss you guys too.

    Coach–Thanks! Yeah, it's really awesome to hear of other stories where epidurals are given to no avail. Nothing better than a catheter to the spine for no real reason.

    Also, I wholeheartedly agree with your final assertion. The pics of her look good because SHE looks good. I claim zero photography skillz. (I'll let her know that she was crowned a super-model of the I-just-gave-birth crowd! That's quite an honor.)

  8. Ummmmm, I left a note on here approximately 5 days ago. Where is it? How many of my other notes have been lost to blogger's ineptitude?

    Don't even remember what I said. Must have been brilliant.

  9. Yay! Congrats and all sorts of lovely things. Speaking of lovely things, I have to agree with everyone else that Lolly looks amazing! And your family is so adorably cute. And my mom agrees (she was looking over my shoulder).

  10. I really dont post comments like this but this post made me smile. You have a good family.
    Your daughters are so cute and your wife is so so lovely. May god bless you always
    and also god bless you with more kids 😀
    I just love kids
    Its really a lovely post.I loved it 🙂

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