A blog post devoted to yours truly. On ANOTHER blog, I mean.

Wanna know something awesome that happened yesterday?

All right, so there are these blogging sisters whose blogs I stumbled upon recently.  Both of their blogs are heavily art-based, which is something I admire, as I’m the guy whose stars look like retarded* pigeons and whose stick figures barely pass as sticks or as figures.

Both of these ladies have a request page where you can request they draw something for you.  Of course I requested that they draw my deformed eye, because, seriously, what post has it not been a part of within the last week? (I seem to accidentally process a lot of crap and childhood baggage on this blog. One would think that, being a therapist, I’d be more aware of this phenomenon as it’s happening. And one would be wrong.)

Anyway, Christine (whose blog is the aptly titled New Adventures of Christine) did something amazing. She wrote an entire post about me!  Well, mainly it was about my request–but still, I’m completely honored. This absolutely made my day. And not only that, she also drew me not one, but two eye pictures.  Go to her post to read all about it, and to see her rendering of my famous eyeball of disgustingness (which, incidentally, she has an interesting take on)!  Thanks so much Christine!  You rock. (Just to show how enthused I am, while editing this paragraph I removed about 13 superlatives/positive adverbs because it was starting to sound like an overemotional infomercial.)

Want a sneak peak????

All right.

But that’s all you’re getting!

Also, Catherine, Christine’s sister, was kind enough to take time from her busy schedule and also draw me a picture

Ladies, I am tickled pink (to use a phrase from about 1910 that now has very uncomfortable connotations because people are gross.  (However, I think we can all agree that it’s  far less uncomfortable than “these drawings tickle my fancy”)).

Thank you very, very much.

*Lest you think me a beast, I refer to the word’s original implication of the pigeons being slow and hindered–slow and hindered because their wings are all freaky and weird.


  1. Oh, how I love the link love! =) Sister will be really happy when she sees this post from you! ^_^

    Also, "I am tickled pink" is one of the best phrases ever. I love you even more for using it. =)

  2. 1. Obviously, I saw Christine's post already, and my positive sentiments are evident.. 🙂

    2. Yes, I am a fellow MFT, degree granted from the oh-so-prestigious St. Cloud State University (ugh.). However, I'm not really cut out for therapy, as I have a small case of ADHD and have extreme troubles focusing on what others are saying… Not good therapist material, that.

    3. Yes, Ph.D it is! I'm thinking Social Psych or Counseling Psych to get a little more academic and less clinician-y. IfyouknowwhatImean.

    4. My wireless network was knocked out in the power outage/windstorm, so I know exactly what you mean about that fear. I'm sure there's an actual name for "loss-of-internet-phobia" somewhere… If not, we should create one and sell it for millions of dollars! Huzzah!

    5. Thank you for the compliment, I like your blog as well! Yay blog lovin'!!! 😉

  3. Bi- We've gotta come up with the name and patent the idea immediately! Then we have to publish in Journal of Family Therapy as co-authors.

    Goal: 2011

    Also, I'm jealous that you're getting a PhD. I toss around the idea about every three weeks saying "Wife, there's this program I'm looking at." Then she just sighs…

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