So, I’ve been pretty quiet I guess.

There are a few reasons for this. They’re good ones, I hope. And I think I might be back to post more frequently now Hey, how’s about no empty promises, k? K.

The proof, as they say, shall be in the pudding.

So, reasons, Josh has been incommunicado.

1. ADHD.

2. (As a mini-update, and not a reason, the medication is still amazing, and I still love it, and it still makes me feel all magical inside while I do lots of chores and other Really Important Things like flossing and remembering not to abandon therapy clients and cleaning my garage (yeah, did that the other day–it ain’t no thing, ya’ll) and in essence, I still love the stuff deeply.)

3. This really weird thing happened when I started taking medication. As days passed and passed and I felt no desire to post I realized that this entire blog spontaneously generated itself from my brain as kind of a pre-contemplative step towards getting on meds. So, once I got on them, and they worked, I started being like, “wait, what was that thing I did where I sat down at the computer and wrote words down about ADHD and it felt all important and stuff? I can’t remember why I used to do that…”

Anyway, there’s more, like the fact that because this was kind of an unintentional therapeutic exercise, my posts have been all maudlin and melodramatic, and have felt all weighty like I was talking about cancer or AIDS or genocide or human trafficking or Sarah Palin or something else that’s really really tragic. (Did you see that? Did you see how I slipped in a political joke there? See how I’m not all emo? That’s right. I’m funny, and I say funny, polarizing crap. Just for the fun of it.) Anyway, now when I think about all those stories I told, they seem really really funny, too.

And I might just rewrite them that way, just to see if I can.

But yeah, I’ve gotta go teach a violin lesson now. This post is just to say that I’m rethinking things, and that I might want this to be an actual blog. Not a dumping ground for overly serious accounts along the lines of woe-is-me-I-had-hilarious tragic-things-happen-as-a-kid-because-of-ADHD.

I might still continue to compile quotes though. Because I liked that.

There might be other changes as well. (I know your breath is bated. And baited also. Mine sure is.)