The miracle of the magic pills (or Rit Rit, as I have begun to call it) hasn’t ceased. I’ve kind of expecting it to, to be honest. I’ve been just waiting to have material for my “and then the other shoe dropped” post, but it hasn’t happened, and I’m finally starting to think that it might not. Maybe this really is just a good, positive development with minimal side-effects.
More cases in point:
–While driving down to California to get away from the Seattle gloom (which hadn’t subsided even mid-June, and was making Wifey depressed and six months pregnant instead of just six months pregnant) I was switching from the front to the back seat and I noticed that the girls (Eldest is 4 and Second is 2–had I mentioned this yet?) had made a mess all over the floor. So I started to clean it up, taking handfuls of fruitsnacks/cracker crumbs/whatever to the garbage can at the gas station. I started to do a pretty deep clean, and thought nothing of it until Lolly looked over at me and said “Wow do those pills work.” And then it hit me how in the past I would never, ever have done that. I would have wanted to do it. I would have seen that it needed to be done and had the urge to make it happen. But then my mind would have gotten distracted or I would have felt too sluggish to start or, if I started, I’d have taken one handful to the garbage and probably called it good. I honestly can’t even fully describe what makes it different–why it’s so easy to keep going until things are done now. But it’s nice. Very nice
–Weeding the entire backyard and not stopping. Hours.
–More grueling job applications
–Knowing I had to take luggage to the car/out of the car at various points during our trip and doing it long before an impending deadline. (This yielded another moment when Lolly said something about the change she sees, and I hadn’t even noticed I was being different–it’s like I’m finally able to do what my personality has always wanted me to do, but my mind wouldn’t let it.)
In other news (which I suppose relates to the topic at hand) I was offered, and took, my first official counseling job! I’m working at the same agency that I had interned at. I’m very happy about this. I love that agency–the people are phenomenal, the clients are great, and I just really enjoy the work. Also, I’m going to be able to work on my license as a marriage and family therapist as well as a chemical dependency professional. So, this does mean more school. But the agency is footing the bill, and it’s a good move professionally.
Anyway, because of this I’ve gotten to see myself in a professional environment while on Rit Rit. It has been phenomenal, so far. The most striking evidence of change? I’ve been at work for over a week and my desk and office are completely, 100% clean. This would have been heretofore unheard of. And then other things, too, like getting things done in record time, being consistent in my assignments, etc.
So yeah. Things are good on the Ritalin front. And I have very few notable side effects, and none that concern me.
This is very, very good. And now I’m off to bed so I can get up with the girls tomorrow.