Ritalin–day one

Well, I started today. I couldn’t wait because I was excited to see what would happen. I’m not sure how I’m going to document this, but I think I’d like to log my affect, feelings, and evidence of higher productivity/less distractibility. So, I guess I’ll go for it.

My affect is normal. Same general chillness. I am no more or less jittery than usual.
I feel little bit spacey. Sometimes I get the sensation that I can’t find the right word or that I might lose track of what I’m saying. Beyond this sensation (which doesn’t actually affect anything, at least from Lolly’s (my wife’s) perspective, I feel more or less normal.
Evidence of higher productivity/diminished distractibility:
I mowed the lawn then mopped and swept the floors in sequence without interruption of any kind. I was doing this in preparation for the arrival of my in-laws, and they weren’t going to be here for several hours. Usually I would have to postpone this type of activity until the deadline in order to get the adrenaline of their impending arrival to help through the tasks (or, if started earlier, my distractibility would have been high). Today, I was able to do these things in sequence with no interruption. (It was amazing.)
I’ve played several online games today that require concentration over the course of several minutes (Facebook Scramble (like Boggle) and Facebook Tetris Marathon). I am scoring slightly higher on them than usual, even when there are stimuli surrounding me. (In the past I’ve had to play those games in a different room than other people so as not to get distracted.) However I took a one minute typing test and scored about the same (if not slightly lower) than usual. These scores might be random and incidental.
Overall, I have to take into account the possibility of the placebo affect. While things look promising, it’s entirely possible that I’m performing better because my brain knows that it “should be” performing better. This possibility notwithstanding, I’m encouraged by today’s developments, and I have the feeling that this might be working.
Not sure how frequently I’ll log about this, but I hope to get the first week. I’m excited to see how the rest of the week goes.

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