All right. I had my session with my counselor–we’ll call her Sherry– last week.

It was a little nerve-wracking, to be sure. I had lots of thoughts about what I wanted to say to her if things even slightly began to veer off course. Plus, when I got there, the client before me had some kind of emergency, so my session started late. I almost drove home without even seeing her.

But, instead I went in and saw how it would go. And I’ve got to tell you, this last session, everything changed. I can now see why she’s regarded as a local expert: the session was all about me, Sherry signed the releases of information for my doc., and all we talked about were my symptoms and potential medications. It was all discussed intelligently, and with compassion and understanding. It was a great relief.

Don’t have more time to elaborate, but I’m very content. Content that I will be able to start meds soon. And, to be perfectly honest, content that I won’t be needing to see Sherry for much longer now.

Gotta hit the hay.