Paper that was due yesterday?

Not done.
No longer existent.  I could technically turn this thing in anytime before the 25th.  This is not good.
Time spent today “working” on it?
Five hours.
Pages written?
Number of music videos watched, youtube interviews consumed, games of online Scrabble played, websites visited, visits to facebook, etc.?
Most pressing desire?
To gouge my own eyes out.

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  1. my sympathies. i know this happened in the past and that you've moved beyond it by now, but i can totally sympathize. i did the same thing. i somehow managed to graduate from BYU-I with a BS without once having to write a research paper. the mere thought of all that stress and failure terrifies me which is why i haven't gone for my MA.

    opinion papers, literary analyses, summaries, all fine. they'd take me forever but as long as the teacher didn't expect more than 3-5 pages, it wasn't an insurmountable task.

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