Turning over a new leaf?

Not sure what I think about the new look–really I’d like to customize something–but this will do for now I guess.

Also, don’t know if you saw her comment from a while ago, but my friend Bridget Samuels left a link to a very interesting article which I’ll share today. It discusses findings that ADHD might be the result of the over-activity of a protein that regulates dopaminergic pathways. In other words, they have found in genetically altered mice a model of what might be happening in the brains of those who have ADHD.

Pretty awesome.

Also, I’m not sure if those results pertain to those with the inattentive subtype (it seemed they were measuring against behaviors and medications typically having to do with the hyperactive subtype), but in any event, this kind of research does nothing but help bolster the cause.

Time to go therapize.