A much needed break

But I’m back (I think).

We’ve gotten a little glimpse at how things go at times when I lose consistency. Lots of promises of what I’ll do next in an attempt connect myself to what needs to be done, and then a successive sequence of not following through.

My choices when this happens are always the same. I can either 1. give up and figure that I’ve lost the connection to what I was doing or 2. keep trying and risk looking like a fool with failed attempt after failed attempt.

I choose the latter, because I know that eventually I’ll reconnect. And this blog is worth it to me. But do be patient for me if I have another failed attempt or two.

I think I’m ready though.

Until tomorrow (hopefully!).

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  1. I think being inconsistent is quite normal, thankyouverymuch! Seriously, you are waaaay too hard on yourself. You are who you are. It's OK to let stuff go and then get back to it, well, as long as it doesn't put your family, job or testimony in trouble! We'll keep checking back for a new post. You have us hooked. Cheers.

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