Little Girls

I was just told to shut my computer (even though I have another post abrewin’) by my two sweet little girls.  They want me to play “sleeping monster” with them.  This is a game where I pretend to be asleep, and then they touch me, and it “wakes” me, and I say “Do I feel the touch of two little girls?!” and then crawl around the house and tickle them.

Frankly, “Sleeping Monster” (and the family home evening that will follow) are much more important than anything else.  My other post will have to wait until tomorrow.
Have a good night, friends.  

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  1. So happy Sleeping Monster won out. One of my favorite posts, Josh. See…in my mind…not being stuck in a rut, not being wedded to slogging through something because it is "due" that flexible mind that comes with "being easily distracted" allowed you to quickly prioritize and jump into the connection with your kids. So for me that's one wonderful "resource" inherent in the neurological pathways you may have inherited!

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