Inspirational quotes for ADHD–Albert Einstein

The idle man does not know what it is to enjoy rest.–Albert Einstein

This quote is very true. And I know it.


  1. My husband has ADHD, and I always think of the story of his parents inventing the child harness. When Dave was really little (hard to imagine since he's almost 6'5 and looks like Refrigerator Perry, but white) his parents would look away for just a "second" and little Dave would be in the middle of the road full of traffic, he was always escaping. Dave's parents bought a dog harness and put it on him (yes, he was standing upright) to keep him safe. Now in the 70's people did not like this, but his parents wanted to keep him alive and healthy. It reminds me of Mike Meyers on SNL playing an ADHD kid, someone gives him chocolate and he's running down the road with the monkey bars he's pulled out of the ground while wearing his harness. I always laugh at this story of Dave because, 1) I love to tease him, 2) I have ADD and so does our 12 year old daughter so I can relate. Dave also went to school in SLC, UT for 2 years in middle school and had to be bussed to the high school for math, his teacher was a bully so he flunked AP Math on purpose. Dave is now a computer guru, he's so smart, but lacks social skills a lot, that's where my street smarts come in, we are yin and yang. It's always nice to hear humor and knowing someone else with ADHD. Our ward members just think we are really weird!

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