Today was a great day.  

As I was leaving for work, I realized that I wouldn’t get to see my girls dressed in their St. Patrick’s garb.  So Lolly (my wife) brought them to work during lunch.
It was so fun to have them there–I got to show them off to all the amazing people I work with, and then we went to lunch at Panera’s, and walked around, and got some See’s candy.  The girl’s loved it, and so did I.  My youngest, Viva, who is two, was absolutely riveted by the chocolate. She has quite a sweet tooth.  We bought her a little chocolate Leprechaun, and turned around for just a moment only to discover that she’d already unwrapped it and was going to town–chocolate all over her face. Anna, my oldest, was holding out for a green cupcake she knew was awaiting her at home.  The whole afternoon was awesome.
Then, two clients cancelled (usually not great news, but today, a relief), so I got off early, did a bunch of needed paperwork, and came home. And tomorrow, I don’t have school–spring break.  
I’m feeling good.