Do you feel that catharsis?

It finally happened.  The tension was rising and rising, and then, bloop, I finally–completely on accident–woke up one morning (this morning, as it turns out) and said “I didn’t post yesterday.”  
I know the tension was killing you, so you, like me, are probably actually a little bit relieved that this happened.  
There wasn’t anything particularly trying about yesterday (still working on the paper that was due over a week ago.  Welcome to my life!  So I “worked on that” for a while).  
I just… got distracted and forgot.  
So.  Hmm.  
I guess this means I can kind of redefine things if I want.  I’ve been feeling a loss of steam here, which I think is natural as the newness of a project wears off and it becomes more of a standard part of life.  So, that being the case, I’m wondering what kind of structure to give myself that might enhance the quality of posts here, but not completely obliterate quantity.  Every two days?  Keep going daily?  Monday, Wednesdays, Sundays?  
I haven’t yet decided, I guess.  I think for now I’m going to keep going daily, and maybe decide how I’ll proceed on Sunday.  
Thanks for witnessing my experiment.  I lasted WAY longer than I had anticipated.