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After yesterday’s posting debacle, I’m taking it a little bit easy today. So, here’s an interesting article from 2003 discussing kids with ADHD-I who use smoking as a self medication.

This brings me to an interesting thought. Medication for Josh?

To do or not to do. That is the question.

I’ve often wondered how I would respond to medication. There have been times when I’ve been very close to visiting a psychiatrist for this purpose. (My first year of grad school was one of them–I just wanted to find relief.) But the thought of it brings some interesting questions to the forefront, such as:

–would the side-effects of taking medication to pay attention prevent me from engaging in the creative activities I need to do (like writing)? Would I become robotic?
–is taking medication a kind of “giving up”? I’ve fought for a long time to get where I am, so would I be throwing in the towel?
–what if I love it? Will I feel that I’d squandered years of my life without it?

I realize that these thoughts might seem really lame–it’s a topic that makes me a little nervous. But the fact is, I’m really toying with the idea of trying something. I’d just like to know what it feels like. And who knows? Maybe it would be awesome.