I almost forgot!

But I didn’t. And that’s what matters, right?

Relevant thoughts before going on a date with my wife:

1. I am going to review some books soon–have one I’ve been reading which I think is pretty good. I’m excited to do that.

2. I am going to do a third diagnosis post.

3. This blog is really lacking in practical solutions. That will be remedied soon, methinks.

Have a great Friday night!

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  1. Hope you had a great date by the way. So happy when couples with young children manage to get out by themselves! Methinks you are a poster child for having a well-exercised "feel into a focus" muscle…you've managed not to be totally disorganized but have avoided becoming hyper-rigid in order to be sure you accomplish things…love reading this blog and being challenged by you…seems you keep growing into the ability to live the life you want even though you can be easily distracted!

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