Just went to lunch with a friend of mine who is having me come in to the psychology classes he teaches and present on marriage and family therapy.

Here is what this presentation thing will look like for me. Though I will want to work on this long ahead of time, any time I actually open my material to work on it, I will become distracted by any of 40,000 things, taking my brain away from the necessity of active cognition. Hours will pass, and nothing will get done even though I’m “putting in the time,” sitting there looking at my materials, probably all alone. This will be very frustrating, and I will wonder what is wrong with me, and (as always) why I just can’t focus. On approximately the day before (or being more honest, the day of) , I will finally get the surge of fear that will allow me to focus on what I need to do enough to figure out what I will present. The work will be very quick, my focus will be incredibly intense for a short period of time (thanks, adrenaline!) and I will accomplish in record time what should have taken me hours to do. In a bad case scenario, that moment of focus will never come, and I will look like a complete fool.

This is the summary of my entire academic life. Whenever I talk about this, people tell me that they know exactly what I’m talking about, and that they do the same thing. I’m always shocked by this, because I never see anybody going through it. Is that true? Is this kind of thing really that common? Is this not a part of ADHD-I at all, and I am misguided?

Any insights or experiences to help clarify this for me?