I have pretty much no time before I go to practicum. (Practicum is where we sit and talk about cases in my grad-school program–I graduate in three months.) In fact, let’s be honest. I’m going to be late. I’m going to own that.

But it’s important to me to get something out there today, even if it’s simple.

So, housekeeping.

First, I’m changing the color scheme of the blog because I’ve heard that it’s overwhelming to read the blinding white text against a black backdrop. I’m going to try lessening the intensity of the white first, and then will switch things up more if that doesn’t have the desired effect.

Second, this is going to sound needy, and I hesitate to say it, but I’m just throwin’ it out there. My poor little posts feel very lonely without comments on them 😉 I’ve gotten various comments on the facebook links I’ve posted, and they have all been awesome and very encouraging. Seriously, thanks guys for your feedback. If you have the time and the inclination, feel free to also leave feedback on the blog itself so that it’s more permanent, and more conversational. Anyone can post–you can even be anonymous if you want.

Third, I’m not going to have time to upload a picture. Lo siento.

Fourth, I was going to stop doing links on facebook for a while, but I’ve had numerous people tell me that it’s just easier for them to get here that way, so I’ma keep going with that. Feel free to “hide” me if you get tired of my daily postings.

Fifth, I’m officially late. So I’ve gotta run. Tomorrow I’m going to do my post on the criteria for ADHD-I, so look forward to that. And I also had something interesting happen to me at work (my internship is as a therapist at a local agency), so I may or may not talk about that, too.

All right. Adieu.