ADHD Pop Quiz-the ignored population

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To anyone who has researched ADHD, what I’m about to ask will not be difficult. To others, it might be surprising. (And a little infuriating.)

Statistically, there is a group of students that have ADHD that is highly under-recognized. I’ll give you three guesses as to what makes this particular group of students susceptible to being ignored. (It’s two basic things. I won’t give any further hints.)

I’d offer a prize to the winner, but probably someone will get the answer right off the bat, and also you really, really don’t want a handcrafted item made by me. I promise.

And…. GO!

(I’ll be back after seeing my clients today to reveal the answer. I know the tension is killing you.)


  1. My three guesses are:
    1. Adults (they can be students too)
    2. Meth-users, they present as "up" anyhow
    3. Girls (we're too cute to notice that we haven't actually followed through with, well, anything)

    And just for the effort, I would like a handcrafted gift by you.

  2. Girls in general. They are less likely to exhibit hyperactive/impulsive symptoms than boys, and inattentive symptoms aren't as easy to spot (according to some random journal abstract I just read online).

  3. Brad got the answer right! (But, his quiz also doesn't count toward his final grade because he CHEATED.)

    I realize now I could have been a little bit more precise in my question asking (I said ADHD, not ADHD-I in my question, but that was probably misleading), but the group I was looking for was "girls who have the inattentive subtype."

    Yes, that's right. Students that have the inattentive subtype are already not going to draw attention from teachers most of the time. Said teachers are already WAY too busy being over-occupied by their ADHD-H counterparts, who with their lack of impulse control and hyperactivity draw mounds and mounds of attention. But, studies show that even then, the female inattentives get noticed very least of any group, and therefore receive the least help.

    Kind of sad. I plan on posting about this from a teacher's perspective tomorrow.

  4. shoot, Josh, I got to this too late. But it makes a lot of sense! Did they do a racial comparative piece at all do you know? I suspected it might be under-reported in all racial minorities.

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